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Thank you for looking at Structure Basics. We have been in the construction and remodeling industry for over 20 years . Our home base is in Harrodsburg and we serve all of central KY . You are probably in search of a solution to a need for your home. We at Structure Basics know that you deserve quality work at a fare price and we can help you with any of your home improvement needs . We sell worry free home products that will make you feel relaxed, both while we are working on your home and after we leave. We will give you the best possible service at the best possible price!
Thanks again, Shane Homan
Great work! Very helpful and friendly service. Took the initiative to solve a problem I would not have seen. Thanks!
Dora Picon, Richmond, KY

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Gutter Systems

 Most of us today don’t give gutters a second thought until they’re clogged, ripped from the fascia by ice or high winds or even if you have water in your basement. At least twice a year you should inspect them, looking for obstructions or damage. To help you out, let’s look at the 6 main components of a gutter system. First is the gutter, then the end cap, fascia bracket, downspout, downspout bracket and the elbow. Now imagine getting 1″ of rainfall. Doesn’t seem like a lot, however the average roof will have to manage 1900 gallons of water! Is your gutter system up to the challenge?
If you suspect any problems with the gutters on your house, call us for a free inspection. If we see an issue, we will also provide you with the most reliable service for the best possible price! Call us today for your free inspection.


“We love our new gutters, soffit, fascia and windows. You came when you said you would and you and your crew worked quietly and competently.”
Pat and Linda Wells, Winchester KY


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Siding Solutions

We work on your house as if it was ours . Low maintenance vinyl siding has always been a winner if installed properly . We install only the best siding . We use Mastic vinyl siding . We are a certified VSI (vinyl siding institute ) installer . We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau . Let us come and give you a free home inspection to suggest the best possible solution for your home .


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Window Works

At Structure Basics we see things from your perspective and understand that windows have a dramatic impact on both the in- and outside look of your house. That’s why our extensive product portfolio of windows and patio doors will give your home a stunning look – both from the kitchen and the curb.

We offer a full range of material and style options, so whether you’re looking for replacement or new construction windows, we have tailor-made solutions for every project and budget. You can rest assured that every product is designed for style, durability, energy efficiency .


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Our Work


Can you find the problems with the pictures on the left? It’s quite obvious when you look at the pictures on the right!

                                         32                                                      33

Here are 2 examples of a downspout strap or bracket. The one on the left shows an insufficient masonry nail holding it in place. The one on the right is the proper way, using a Hilti nail and washer to secure it which resists high winds or bumping into it with your lawnmower.

                                         92                                                      93

Rotten fascia is another common problem homeowners run into when gutters are not installed properly. Avoid this costly repair by hiring the right company the first time. Also, seasonal cleaning will prevent moisture buildup at the roof line.
                                        Downspout Wrong 2                                                      Downspout Right 1
Not only did the missing downspout cause wall damage, it also weakened the foundation of the home. Good thing we caught it before major repairs were necessary. The picture on the right shows how this would have saved the homeowner a lot of time and expense.

                                        Siding Wrong                                                         Siding Right

What is stopping the moisture from penetrating the house on the left? Nothing. The picture on the right show the proper way to prepare a house for siding, or any exterior covering. The Tyvek will stop moisture and wind from damaging the structure.
For a look at more of our work go to our GALLERY!

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Structure Basics Black 220x117

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